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Cooperation and innovation as our cornerstones

AmiNIC is a Danish tech development startup, who is founded based on a patented and innovative solution for a problem everybody is trying to solve. AmiNIC works in close conjunction with knowledge institutions, as well as the industry, and possesses a broad pamphlet of competencies for achieving success.



Fonden for Entreprenørskab
Submission of patent
Proof of Concept in cooperation with SDU Sønderborg & Fraunhofer Institute
Handheld prototype

Expansion & Media Coverage


Sønderborg Entreprenurial award
Jyske Vestkysten december 7th 2017 (more)
TV2-Syd den 21. december 2017 (more)
New investor - LogiCon Nordic



Employing 3 engineers in collaboration with SDU Sønderborg, Nanosyd
Danish Food Innovation 1

Investor, Tech Development & Media


New investor - Syddansk Innovation
Otto Bruuns fond
Validation for pork and tuna in cooperation with AU, KU & DMRI, Tulip & Flying Sea Food
TV2-Fyn, june 19th 2019 (more)
Ingeniøren (s.15) september 20th 2019 (more)
SME-Instrument phase 1
Agro Business Park-Innovation award
Danish Food Innovation 2

Expanding team & cooperations, pilot version coming, support & attention


2 employees for market analysis & customer contact
1 new employee for development
Cooperation with TekPartner & Partdesign in developing a pilot
Expanded cooperation with knowledge institutions & customers
Publication of sensor validation in Journal of Food Control (link)
Accelerator program Danish Tech Challenge
Otto Bruuns Fond
SME Innovations Associate
Future Food and Bioresource Innovation

Media coverage


Ingeniøren(1, 2, 3)
TV2 Public News & TV2 News (link)
Fyns Stiftstidende (Link)
Trade Journal Food Supply (Link)
Trade Journal Electronics Supply (Link)

New technology requires new knowledge

In AmiNIC we know that when working with new technology and need state-of-the-art knowledge, you must go to the source. From the get-go, we have been working with Southern Danish University and Fraunhofer Institute in Germany in developing the sensor technology. With Technological Institute in developing the chemical binder, as well as Force Technology regarding hygienic design and electronics. Furthermore, we have been cooperating with Århus University, Copenhagen University and Danish Meat Research Institute regarding validation of technology: Study of microbiology, chemical compounds and a sensory expert panel assessment.

The Team

It all began with an idea about a sensor for measuring freshness and expiration, developed by PhD in physics Jeanette Hvam and PhD in biology Elizabeth Robertson. Elizabeth chose to continue as a scientist. Jeanette founded the company AmiNIC ApS in collaboration with the competent and commercially talented Jesper Haugaard. In the following time the owners circle was expanded with profiles who have expert knowledge – Bjarne Dahl – as well as experience in international marketing – Martin Vasarhelyi. Recently, as representative for a private investor, Michael Løvbjerg from LogiCon Nordic og Peter Madsen from Syddansk Innovation joined the team.

Flemming Jensen


Experienced CEO both in start-ups and larger corporations, in the food technology and pharmaceutical industries

Jesper Haugaard

Co-founder and chairman of the board.

Former or current CEO, member of the board or chairman of the board in some of Denmarks largest companies - e.g. TDC, Dong, Bravida, ABB, Kamstrup, Delta, Force Technology and others.

Peter Madsen

Representative for the investor Syddansk Innovation. Peter has vast experience with scaling tech development start-ups.

Bent Ole Nørregaard

Representative for the investor LogiCon Nordic.

Bent Ole has many years of experience with sales management to the
food industry in Scandinavia.

The operational Team

Apart from very competent commercial competences, AmiNIC work closely together with University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg, NanoSyd, which gives us a unique opportunity to recruit competent engineers. All of whom are skilled in the newest technological developments. Also, of importance is the access to sparring with experts in mechatronics, as well as the impeccable facilities and equipment at the university. Our dedicated team of engineers is the key to success.

Lawrence Nsubuga

Cand.Polyt in mechatronics.

Part time-Development Engineer with responsibility for system testing and signal processing.

Tatiana Marcondes

PhD and experience with semiconductor micro- and nano systems. Industriel PostDoc with responsibility for the sensor unit.

Simon Overgaard Høegh

Cand.Polyt in Physics and Technology.

Development Engineer responsible for system tests and signal processing.

Tugbars Heptaskin

Embedded Systems Engineer

Tugbars has worked in software development and civil engineering since 2014 and has two bachelors in Civil Engineering and Software Technology Engineering.

Maria Møllebjerg Pedersen

Marketing Project Leader

Maria has experience in running social media and marketing campaigns. She has a bachelor in Digital Concept Development.

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