Measuring sustainability of meat and fish

A new device for a precise and correct determination of freshness and sustainability to replace sensory evaluations and rules of thumb in the food industry

Nanoteknologisk kødsensor

Nanotechnological game changer

New ultra-sensitive handheld gas sensor that can predict correct expiration dates within a few seconds. The measuring method has been developed in cooperation with universities in Denmark as well as partners in the food industry.


Reducing food waste

In Denmark more than 150,000 ton of fresh meat and fish end up as food waste each year. This correlates to 2,000,000 ton of CO2 or more than 5% of the collected Danish CO2 emissions. Obtaining correct expiration dates could reduce the Danish emission by as much as 2%.


Vi bidrager til opnåelse af verdensmålene

Sustainable adaptation is no longer a choice

Unnecessary waste of meat and fish results in overproduction and overfishing. Reduction through correct expiration dates can help us achieve our climate goals.

2.4 Achieving a sustainable food production by 2030.

8.4 Thorough optimization of the use of resources and production by 2030, for economic growth to be possible without impacting the environment.

9.4 Making the existing industries more sustainable by using resource optimizing technology.

12.2 Achieving a more sustainable practice regarding usage and handling of natural resources by 2030.

12.3 Reduce the global food waste & loss per citizen to half through the entire value chain by 2030.

12.5 Minimize loss through prevention, reduction and recycling by 2030.

12.6 Encourage companies to implement sustainability practices and integrate sustainability information when reporting.

14.4 Eliminate overfishing by 2020.

15.2 End deforestation by 2020.


Optimized sales, reduced waste and a focus on green production

If you wish to know the freshness of your fresh meat or fish products, both incoming and outgoing, then you might be interested in a fast measurement of quality. Determining a correct expiration date also contributes to a green transition and satisfies the customers’ demands.


Quality in the value chain

No questioning the freshness, less waste, and more value added to fresh meat and fish products.


Easy and fast measuring

User friendly handheld device, which can provide safety for fresh raw products and predict expiration within seconds.


Wireless transfer

All measurements are transferred wireless and stored safely in a database.