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Here you will find manuals and videos to help you get started with AmiNIC’s Meat Quality Sensor!

MQS Platform

You can find our sensor platform here:

You can read more about using the platform in the user manual.

Video guides

Our video guides provide a step-by-step walkthrough of the features and functionalities of the Meat Quality Sensor.
Whether you’re a new user or just need a refresher, these videos will help you get started quickly.

Setup and basic functions

How to measure with the MQS

Calibrate a cartridge

Make batch nr. & synchronize

Update the sensor


User manual

Our user manual is a comprehensive guide that provides detailed information on all aspects of MQS.

It contains more in-depth information than the quick start guide, such as advanced functionality and troubleshooting for more complex issues.

Quick Guide

The Quick Guide is a sheet that can be used to reference the measurement procedure and some tips. The reverse side contains explanations of ambiguities in the result and what you should avoid doing with the sensor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the MQS measure all types of meat and fish?

Yes, it can give a freshness index for any type. However, it can currently only measure expiration dates on these types:

  • Pork
  • Ground beef & Beef steaks
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
I just bought this piece of meat or fish, why does the sensor say it's bad?

Besides the meat or fish not being fresh anymore, a fluctuation in results can be caused by:

MAP wrapping

A MAP package often has a build-up of cadaverine and other odours when it is opened, which can have a direct effect on the measurement. Therefore, we recommend waiting a few minutes before measuring meat that has been in a MAP package.

The temperature of the meat is too high

Measuring meat that is over 10 degrees celsius can give an incorrect result. Check that the temperature of the meat is below 10 degrees, preferably between 2-5 degrees.

The cartridge is saturated

If the meat is at the correct temperature, the cartridge may be saturated after a previous measurement. You can wait till the cartridge has rested, take a new cartridge or perform a calibration. 

What happens if MQS detects that the meat or fish has expired?

You can dispose of the meat or fish.

How accurate is MQS in measuring the expiration date of meat and fish?

Measurements with AmiNIC meat and fish types have a safety limit of one day.

Can MQS be used on frozen meat and fish?

No, MQS can only be used on meat and fish between 2-10 degrees celsius.

How do I clean MQS? Are there specific cleaning instructions?

Yes, you can read about cleaning the sensor in the User Manual in the ‘General use, storage and cleaning’ section.


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