Handheld measurement – easy and fast

We are developing a device, that can give a correct measurement of freshness and precise expiration dates for fresh meat and fish. This device is an intelligent nose, which can measure the concentration of specific biomarkers. The concentration of biomarkers increases in a predictable fashion over time. Because of this it is possible to predict an exact expiration for the meat or fish, simply based on a single measurement.

Cutting-edge technology

We have been working together with various knowledge institutions in developing and validating this newly patented nanotechnological solution. It consists of a micro-cantilever which has been induced with a chemical binder that is sensitive to ultra-small concentrations of the gas cadaverine. When the nose of the device is pointed towards the surface of the meat or fish, this gas will be sucked into the device in order to get in contact with the cantilever. The electrical signal generated by this, is rapidly converted to concentration of cadaverine and plotted against curves for the development of this gas. In a matter of seconds, you will get a value for freshness and an expiration date.

Safety and security

A measurement can provide safety regarding the quality of purchased good, and thereby reduce the amount of waste following uncertainty when the meat or fish is traded. Our user friendly and ultra-sensitive nose gives a correct measurement, no matter who uses it, and requires no training or years of experience. Initially the device is meant to be used in small and medium sized enterprises, located between production and the private consumer. This means within processing and distribution, preparation, butchers, fish mongers, catering, cantinas and restaurants. In the EU alone this amounts to approximately 1.7 million.

Want to join ?

In the spring of 2020, we began the initial pilot-tests at Danish companies, all in order to adjust the device to the consumer needs. We greatly appreciate our current cooperation with industry relevant cooperation’s in development. Please feel free to contact us if you and your company would like to have influence and join us on our journey. The more feedback, the better product!